Online Booking Instructions:

1. Click in the Start Date area 

  • Tip: Be sure to use a desktop computer or an android device or the availability calendar will not pop up. Available days will be highlighted on the calendar in green.

2. Select the day you would like to arrive.

3. Select the time of day you would like to enjoy the Island:

  • a. Daytime Cabana Rental, 
  • b. Evening Rental 
  • c. Or Overnight in a Glamping setup (short for overnight glamour camping) 

      by clicking on “See Listings” when hovering over the option you would like to choose:

  • Tip: If you plan to rent a daytime cabana and glamping, start with the daytime rental first, you will have the option to add camping or evening rental later in the process. Available Cabanas will be listed first and will have a “Book Now” button. 

4. Select the Cabana you would like by clicking on the “Book Now” Button

  • Note: All the cabanas are amazing and wonderful and are the same price. The main difference is the depth of the water at each cabana. On average, cabanas: 
  • #A-1 - #A-10 are 6’ – 8’ deep
  • #A11-A-19 are 2’ – 4’ deep with rocky bottom
  • #B1 – B9 are 4’ – 6’ deep
  • #C1 – C6 are 6’ – 8’ deep
  • Please Note: We are on a natural lake and the depths vary & change, please use caution and common sense when entering the water. Each cabana has a private dock with ladder to safely enter and exit the water, please use. Never dive or jump in as there could be an unseen rock or stump hidden in the water.
  • Note: If you plan to rent multiple cabanas, you will have the option to do so later, for now, start with one.

5. Enter the total number of people who plan to come.

Entry for 8 people are included with the price of a daytime or evening cabana rental. Kids 2 and under are free.

6. If you have a promo code or voucher, click “Apply Promo Code or Voucher” in bottom left corner” Enter code and click Apply.

  • We do run discounts & specials from time to time. To sign up & receive our specials, subscribe by entering your e-mail address on our Specials page.

7. Click Continue 

8. By clicking on the + sign by the corresponding item, you have the option to add:

  • a. Tent camping (Glamping) - Select your check in and check out date and add to booking. 
  • b. Watercraft wristbands - Select, adjust quantity and add to booking.  Watercraft wristbands allow you to select any kayak or paddleboard at the kayak station, use for up to 45 min & then return to the kayak station. You can do this as many times as you like. Each person must have a wristband to use.
  • c. You also have the option to rent and keep at your cabana all day, a 1 or 2-seater kayak, paddleboard or I-float (a large floating mat that kids like to play on and adults love to lounge on).

9. If you would like to add another cabana or anything else, click on the green “+Add to Booking” in the upper left area and repeat the process above. 

10. Click on the clear button to start your booking over.  

  • If you need help of have and questions, please call us at: 888-993-6772