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Son's Island Map


There are two types of Cabanas: Island Cabanas & Key Cabanas

All cabanas are the same price, & come w/ running water, elec., comfortable wicker furniture, ceiling fan, bar top, picnic table, BBQ pit, hammock & private dock.


Island Cabanas

Island cabanas are on land & come with a private floating dock for easy access to the water.  They are labeled starting with an "A, B or C". 


Key Cabanas

Key cabanas are built directly over the water, are rectangular in shape & are labeled starting with a "K". 

Cabana Location Questions


Are there areas that are more kid friendly?

Yes, cabanas #A-1 – #A-4 are closest to the frog slide. These are good areas for families who want to keep an eye on their kids while playing. We also have a large common use dock near the water slide for all guests to use. Our “K” cabanas are not recommended for groups with children as they are located out on the water.

Is there a spot with more shade?

The whole island is surrounded by towering cypress and pecan trees and with the shade from the cabanas there is plenty of shade for everyone anywhere on the island.

Is there a place to dock our boats?

Yes, though each cabana has its own dock we try to limit dock boating to the larger docks closest the main part of the lake to keep the rear side of the island more swimmer and kayak friendly. You are free to use these docks at no additional cost during your stay. Cabanas #A-10 and #A-11, #B-10# and #B-11 as well as #C-1 – #C-6 are best for those wanting to bring their own boat as they are closest to our larger docks. WARNING: THERE ARE MANY ROCKS LOCATED IN FROM OF THE ISLAND. Employees on site will be glad to assist you as to where to drive and not drive your boat.

Which is the Best Cabana?

All of the Cabanas are really nice and you can't go worng.  Most people, after visiting once, have a cabana or two in mind they would like to get for next time.

Reserve your day of fun at Son's Island today!

It's really easy to reserve a cabana online for the exact day you want, but if you need help, please give us a call at 888-993-6772